If you want a house that is energy and resource efficient, here are some tips to make you’re house greener and environmentally friendly.

Building a new house consumes a lot of energy and materials.  So choose to reuse and remodel an old home.

A smaller and well proportioned house is easier to heat and cool.  Keep your kitchens, bedroom and living rooms to the right size and space to save on construction and energy.

Install a wind turbine or solar panels to convert wind and the heat of the sun into energy.  Just make sure that your place is windy or sunny enough.  It may be expensive but your monthly bill will definitely decrease in the long run.

Program your thermostats to respond to your use patterns. Focus the air conditioning on spaces that get the most sun.  This can help cut down the energy bills.

Insulate you house especially the ceiling and flat roofs, this can cut the heating bills by 20%.  Just pay attention to features that make insulation easier or harder.

Keep your house well ventilated and the air circulating by strategically placing windows, doors and vents.

Be wise about windows.  If you live in the northern part of the country, facing the windows to the south will collect more light and more heat in the winter.  If you live in warmer places, face the windows to the north.

It will be more expensive to build an eco friendly home, so be wise about the materials and appliances you’re going to use.